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Upcoming events: One Deeper September 7th.

One Deeper 003 event photos.

One Deeper: two deeper

Cherry Tone brought the heat again for the second installment of One Deeper on June 22nd.

One Deeper: A sonic experience

One Deeper is a night of electronic music selected by local DJ’s.

Global tastes, local talent.

Join us for a night of quality selected dance and electronic music.

Expect to hear everything from Chicago happy house to bone crushing Berlin techno as we go One Deeper on Saturday, 6th of April.

We have 7 sets lined up over the course of the evening culminating in the ultimate launch ramp for you to hit the valley with speed.

FREE ENTRY and cheap drinks at Slingshot Bar on 420 Brunswick st.

If you know someone playing you should definitely come and show a bit of love.

If we’re strangers to you, come anyway if you’re partial to a 4/4 kick drum and a solid muzz.

Check out the Cherry Tone mix page for a taster of whats in store.