The Renegade Master: Two decades of the illest behavior.

I explore the history and origins of The Renegade, a classic house tune that has inspired DJ’ssince 1995. Read the full article here.

Jet Black Cat Music: West End Vinyl Dealers

JBCM is a little shop, so you can’t avoid talking to the staff (why would you? They’re lovely!) If you want someone to chat with about the goings on in Brisbane then these are your people.

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Cosy record nook at JBCM

The Brisbane CD & Record Exchange: Basically archaeology

The word to describe the Exchange is cluttered, which makes for an interesting digging experience but also leads me to wonder how many great records go undiscovered simply because they’re buried in the deepest recesses of the shop, or in an irrelevant genre/category pile. But, that’s also kinda the beauty of it all.

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Cluttered view of the CD and Record Exchange.

Rocking Horse Records: Crucible of Brisbane Vinyl

You cannot talk about the Brisbane vinyl scene without mentioning Rocking Horse Records. This shop is an institution for music lovers and boasts perhaps the most broadly comprehensive stock of records in BNE. Read my full review of rocking Horse Records.

A Love Supreme: Steps Ahead

“You want to move to Berlin to do it? It’s too late. They’ve done it there. You gotta do your own shit, make your own club, play your own records. You gotta go to Warsaw Poland, or Brisbane Australia. It’s on there. They got it!”

And that’s exactly the reason I fuck so heavy with A Love Supreme.

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New South Wales’ Hard Headed Approach to Pill Testing

New Zealand officials recently announced plans to introduce nationwide pill testing at all major music festivals over the summer of 2019, a call to action that has only added fuel to the fire of Australia’s own national pill testing debate. Except we’re not tossing up if it should be mandatory at all festivals, Australians are still stuck deciding if it should be legal at all.

Pill testing at FOMO

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Album Review: Of Montreal

Kevin Barnes and Of Montreal have gone E L E C T R O N I C and totally changed the sound for this album. Read more about it here.